Aliens and UFO's

As one astonished new comer to the World Wide Web put it "I have only been on the internet for a day but the evidence for the existence of UFO's is overwhelming". Unidentified flying object's and their occupants , is a hotly debated issue on the web between skeptics and believers, unfortunately with image and movie manipulating software and people who just like to hoax, image evidence can seldom be relied upon.

However there are many great sites on the net which are operated by dedicated and professional "ufo hunters" who are determined to sift through the masses of uploaded media to find the real deal. And occasionally they do.

Some of the most damming evidence for the existence of UFO's and aliens are the testimonies of professional people who have unwittingly been witness to strange events, they are always ridiculed and often told to keep their mouths shut or loose their jobs, and worse.